Commitment to community: Veterans at the helm

At the heart of the midstream oil and gas sector is a veteran-led company whose leadership is as strong as its systems, moving multiple products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

At the helm is a founder whose resume includes not just business acumen but a commendable stint as a United States war veteran. 

This unique blend of military service and entrepreneurial spirit fuels a commitment that extends beyond oil and gas, reaching deep into community and national service.

The company’s commitment is twofold: fostering national energy independence and strengthening community ties.

Energy independence is crucial for national security, a lesson that the founder, with years of frontline experience, understands profoundly. 

Under his guidance, the company not only ensures efficient and secure transportation of oil but also actively participates in shaping energy policies that bolster national interests.

This veteran-led company does more than transport oil and its derivatives; it transports values of service, dedication, and commitment from the battlefield to the business field, making a profound impact on both the industry and the community. 

Through its actions, Vessel Blenders not only drives energy forward, but also fosters a legacy of service and honor.

Veterans at the helm
Veterans at the helm

Veterans values

United States veterans are known for embodying a set of core values that are instilled during their service in the military.

These values not only shape their conduct during their time in uniform but often guide their actions long after their service has ended.

Here’s a list of some of these key values:

  1. Courage: Displaying mental and moral strength to face danger, fear, or adversity both in battle and in personal endeavors.
  2. Commitment: Dedication to completing missions and tasks, showing unwavering loyalty to their country and their fellow service members.
  3. Duty: Fulfilling one’s obligations efficiently and effectively, accepting responsibility and taking initiative.
  4. Respect: Showing consideration and recognition for the worth of every person, understanding the importance of teamwork and diverse perspectives.
  5. Integrity: Doing what is right, legally and morally, being honest in all actions, and standing up for what they believe in.
  6. Selfless Service: Putting the welfare of the nation, the military, and subordinates before one’s own, serving without expecting reward or recognition.
  7. Loyalty: Being faithful to one’s country, the military, and the unit, supporting and defending the Constitution and the team.
  8. Excellence: Striving for continual improvement and superior performance in every task, no matter how small.
  9. Discipline: Maintaining good order and conduct, adhering to standards, and making sacrifices when necessary.
  10. Honor: Upholding moral integrity and being accountable for actions, representing the ethical backbone of the military.

These values are not only applicable in military settings but also greatly beneficial in civilian life, making veterans esteemed members of any community or workforce.

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