Bunkering Surveys

Oceangoing vessels need independent confirmation that the fuel delivered by a barge and received by a vessel were both within the specified quantity. If there’s a discrepancy, there could be a problem with the fuel delivery or the vessel itself.

For peace of mind, contact the experts. Vessel Blenders is an industry leader in onboard fuel blending services, and our experience extends to bunkering survey services. Verify that the bunkering fuel in the contract is the received before leaving port.

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    Bunkering services by Vessel BlendersBunker surveying is performed to independently check and determine that the quantity of bunker fuel delivered by a barge and the quantity of fuel received by a vessel are within an acceptable tolerance (generally 0.5%). If the variance is too high, the bunker surveyor must track down the cause of the discrepancy.

    Bunker surveying can involve a range of issues, including:

    • Comparing current onboard fuel quantities with initial quantities, and controlling for discrepancies
    • Reviewing fuel gauging equipment for accuracy
    • Verifying safety procedures
    • Thorough gauging of barge and vessel tanks
    • Providing full documentation throughout all processes

    Because of the level of scrutiny and detail required in measurement and documentation, you can’t afford to go with an inexperienced surveyor. By trusting the experts at Vessel Blenders, you’ll be using a best-in-class company with extensive experience in managing and measuring cargoes on oceangoing vessels and barges. Our team has the training and experience to provide the accuracy you need on every bunkering survey, every time.

    Bunkering Services

    Bunkering surveying is something you can’t afford to get it wrong. Vessel Blenders has gone to great lengths to put together the team and processes to achieve pinpoint accuracy on every bunkering job.

    Extensive Training

    Our people have been trained to API standards and procedures.

    Experienced Teams

    Our team members bring decades of maritime experience for lightering operations you can trust.

    Extensive Equipment

    Our teams are armed with the latest sampling and measurement equipment.

    Full Documentation

    We provide full documentation at the conclusion of every operation.

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