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Needing to offload cargo before entering port? Vessel Blenders, an industry leader in onboard cargo blending, has extensive experience with ship-to-ship product transfer services. Let us work with your crew to offload your barge or tanker safely and to spec.

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    Lightering is the process of transferring cargo between two different vessels to get the vessel’s draft reduced ahead of entering port facilities. This cargo – which can include crude oil, gas, naphthalene, gasoline, or other chemicals or fuels – is generally hazardous and considered environmentally hazardous in the event of a spill.

    Don’t entrust your lightering to the wrong crew. Vessel Blenders offers best-in-class lightering services to the maritime industry, making sure that your product is transferred offshore in a safe and timely fashion.

    Lightering services from Vessel Blenders

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    Go with a partner you can trust. Vessel Blenders brings unmatched talent and experience to the table for lightering services you can trust.

    Extensive Training

    Our people have been trained to API standards and procedures.

    Experienced Teams

    Our team members bring decades of maritime experience for lightering operations you can trust.

    Extensive Equipment

    Our teams are armed with the latest sampling and measurement equipment.

    Full Documentation

    We provide full documentation at the conclusion of every operation.

    Offshore Lightering Services

    Our lightering teams provide you with accurate measurement, time documentation, temperature readings and more, tuned to your particular offshore environment. We make sure our team members have all pertinent training and are fully up to speed on your requirements, monitoring protocols and stripping operations. Each team member is fully equipped with communications gear and can be reached at all points during the operation.

    This will give you full visibility into the STS lightering operation at all stages. You’ll know how much of your product is offloaded, and its location, throughout the process. You’ll be empowered to make informed decisions with up-to-date data and documentation.

    Learn more about how Vessel Blenders can help your company achieve greater profitability.

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