Loss Control

Midstream oil & gas companies need to make sure they’re carrying the right quality cargo in the right quantities. Commingled product, or product in the wrong quantity, creates headaches at all stages of the journey.

Stop playing guesswork with your cargo. Vessel Blenders, an industry-leading expert in onboard cargo blending, provides best-in-class marine loss control services to oil & gas shipping companies. Document and verify your shipment for peace of mind.

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    Any oil & gas transport company knows that vessel measurements can vary during a voyage for a host of reasons. While some of these factors are outside of your control, many are a function of the quality of your measurement personnel.

    The solution: get the right people. Vessel Blenders offers best-in-class loss control and expediting services. We control for every variable to account for any loss onboard your vessel, making sure you deliver the product in the quality and quantity required.

    OIl & Gas Marine Loss Control Services

    Oil Vessel Loss Control: The Challenges

    Third-Party Verification

    We witness product samples taken by inspectors onboard your vessel.

    Weather & Sea Conditions

    Even slight fluctuations can have a tremendous impact on vessel capacity.

    Capacity Tables

    Our people know to measure from the correct gauge point on your vessel.

    Gauge Measurements

    We control for manual & automatic tank gauge measurements.

    Consistent Gauge Points

    We measure at consistent points from load to discharge port.

    ROB and OBQ

    Our people have been trained to account for unmeasured Remains Onboard and Onboard Quantity.

    Heated or Stratified Cargo Tanks

    We take multiple temperature readings for heated tanks.

    Retrofitted Equipment

    We adjust our gauge measurements around your modified vessel infrastructure.

    Liquid Cargo Loss Control

    Those are just a few of the factors that can impact the quantity and quality of your vessel’s cargo. Additional variables we take into consideration when measuring any fluctuations in cargo include:

    • The vessel’s design, including void spaces in the structure of the ship
    • Sediment and water collected during the voyage
    • Slops, clingage and crude oil washing
    • Transit gains due to accidental commingling of product
    • Transit losses due to vapor losses, leaks, cargo burned as fuel or other mid-voyage activities

    A non-negotiable component in any successful voyage is the documentation reflecting what happened and why. We provide you with a highly detailed paper trail recording facts, measurements. Upshot: you’ll understand, and be able to explain, what took place onboard your vessel.

    Learn more about how Vessel Blenders can help your company achieve greater profitability.

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