Multi-Voyage Analysis

Over the course of a voyage, midstream companies need to know that the amount of product loaded is the amount of product discharged upon arrival. When a single ship is involved in multiple voyages, tracking loads and discharges – and mid-voyage losses – can become a real challenge. Turn to Vessel Blenders for multi-voyage analysis in your vessel cargo for precise knowledge in product losses during the course of a voyage.

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    When a vessel loads and discharges at multiple terminals during the course of a voyage, quality control becomes a major challenge. If the quantity of product is in major variance during the course of a voyage, confusion and disagreement over the root cause of the variance can arise due to lack of direct control over the vessel.

    Increase visibility into your cargo quality and reduce your uncertainty with multi-voyage analysis from Vessel Blenders. Our insight into cargo handling and quality during voyage, acquired through years of experience in onboard blending and loss control, gives us unique expertise in understanding cargo behavior and reasons for loss during the course of a voyage. Our data-driven insights will help you understand why your cargo fluctuates, and what can be done to remedy it in the future.

    Multi-Voyage Analysis from Vessel Blenders

    Vessel Performance Analysis

    Don’t be left in the dark about your cargo variance between terminals. With multi-voyage analysis services from Vessel Blenders, you’ll know where and when discrepancies between loads and discharges took place, giving you the critical data you need to take action.

    Extensive Training

    Our people have been trained to API standards and procedures.

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    Our team members bring decades of maritime experience for lightering operations you can trust.

    Extensive Equipment

    Our teams are armed with the latest sampling and measurement equipment.

    Full Documentation

    We provide full documentation at the conclusion of every operation.

    Analysis: Your Cargo in Motion

    Every time petroleum products are moved or stored, there can be changes in the quantities measured. This can happen for a range of different reasons, including:

    • Water settling out from (or being agitated into) the product
    • Incomplete fills
    • Changes in product density due to blending
    • Expansion or contraction of storage tanks or transportation vessels due to ambient temperature changes
    • Measurement equipment malfunction
    • Human error

    If you don’t have visibility into what’s happening with your product during the voyage, the reasons for variance in product measurement can be up for debate. With Vessel Blenders as your partner, we can help minimize that debate, helping you understand the factors in play for your shipment and how to adjust and adapt to conditions on the ground to make sure that the amount ordered is the amount delivered.

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