Onboard Blending

Today’s midstream companies need increasing flexibility to deal with a rapidly changing world. It isn’t just about bringing crude oil from offshore to port – it’s about moving multiple products as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Vessel Blenders can give you an edge. Our industry-leading expertise in onboard cargo blending gives you the ability to onboard blend multiple component products from multiple locations. The result: greater flexibility and increased profitability.

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    Vessel Blenders has developed an innovative system to reliably and efficiently distribute individual component products, with unique specifications, across the vessel during loading operations. We’re the industry experts at simultaneously loading and onboard blending up to six unique grade cargoes from multiple shore parcels, achieving target specifications in each vessel tank.

    Onboard Blending with Vessel Blenders

    The Advantages of Onboard Cargo Blending

    Market Speed

    Quickly respond to market trends to maximize opportunity.


    Create a wide variety of products, delivering just in time.

    Lease Savings

    Reduce shore tank leasing and finished product costs by storing only component products.


    Avoid the need for shore-based blending equipment.

    Material Savings

    Purchase less expensive component products instead of refined or finished products.

    Sourcing Flexibility

    Source and utilize components from multiple locations and suppliers to reduce costs.

    Loading Flexibility

    Load from a wide variety of terminals and across multiple load ports.

    Onboard Blending Services

    Utilizing our system, we manage the creation of one or more newly commingled, simultaneously loaded cargos on the vessel. Our process ensures that the desired product specifications are achieved in each individual tank on the vessel.

    Some of the factors we account for include:

    • Loading Order
    • Volumetric Loading
    • Component Product Densities
    • Anticipated Commingling
    • Shore Lines Adjustments
    • Vessel Manifold and Lines
    • Barge Lighterings
    • Vessel Stowage Plan
    • Streamlining Loading Operations
    • Vessel Pump Types and Circulation
    • Additivation and Dosing
    • Monitoring Distribution by the Vessel

    Learn more about how Vessel Blenders can help your company achieve greater profitability.

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